ARYAMIS LTD cooperates with GEMPHASIS BV. We specialise in providing service to the larger global Brands and have organised our network in diamond markets to provide such services.
Active in Antwerp - Belgium, world capital of diamond trade, both in the diamond industry and specialise in the production of:
Calibrated Fancy shapes & Round (Top Make) D- H – IF- SI Brillant cut in 0.7 mm to 6 mm Top make.
Certificate Fancy Shape & Round White 0.30 pointers up to 20 cts.
Pearl, Heart, Oval, Emerald, Princess, Marquise, Carre and Baguette in D-J-IF -SI
Fancy colours - Our partners also produce and hold in stock Fancy Colours Diamonds and expectational gem stones.
We also offer polish of specifics or shapes for our customers on demand.
Our assortments are extremely strict targeting steady quality needs, (Supplying LVMH group since years).
On demand our assortments can be fluorescent free, synchronized crown, pavilion, Girdle and Tables or made to measure.
All our diamonds are natural and conflict free, Traceability Guaranteed.
It would be a pleasure to supply your esteemed firm with quality samples for comparison & study.